Our volunteer experience is tailor-made to transform the volunteer as well as our beneficiaries. At TOFYWD, we believe that the volunteer experience should be one that not only gives the volunteer the ‘helper’s high’, but must be one that transforms a person in a way that helps them see the world through brand new eyes.

Join our ever-bubbly team of volunteers and become part of a family and community that is geared to empower young women with the skills,
knowledge and resources they need to live a life worthy of honour and respect.

Our Volunteer Training Programme

Becoming a volunteer can seem like a scary and nerve wrecking experience especially if you have never done it before. You might wonder what skills you have to offer or think you lack experience to volunteer for your cause of choice. At TOFYWD, we make sure we help you to smoothly transition into your volunteer experience by taking you through a volunteer training program that will help ease your mind and help you realise your core competencies. You do not need experience or specific qualifications to become a TOFYWD Volunteer. We will make sure you are teamed up with experienced volunteers and a volunteer supervisor who will always be there to support you and cheer you on!

Fill in the form below and one of our friendly volunteer recruiters will be in touch with you.


What Our Volunteers Say

“Volunteering for TOFYWD has changed my life. I have gained a new family and the support system is amazing! Being part of the organisation has helped me see the world through brand new eyes”
– Ntombie


“TOFYWD has been very generous to me as its volunteer. I have learnt a lot about technology and how it helps make life more organised. For example, we use for work assignments. We are always in the know about what is happening in the organisation. Technology is not my friend but with practice, am getting there “practice makes perfect”. I have also had a good experience with the Eyerus App for GBV prevention. I am now more relaxed and have less anxiety or panic attacks. It’s like I have my own personal bodyguard”


“When I first joined the organisation, I was going through a lot because I was dealing with the after effects of GBV from my previous relationship. Through the narrative therapy sessions which are also offered to volunteers, I have started to take control of my life and I can tell that my life will never be the same again!”
– Zanele

I have gained good communication and listening skills. My volunteering task is also helping to enhance my computer literacy skills. TOFYWD has taught me that empowering other women starts with myself, I have to know my values, my attitude, my way of approaching situations before I can be able to empower other individuals.